I agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
  • The LTMUA cannot be held responsible for the delivery of email.
  • That the information provided below is accurate.
  • I authorize the LTMUA to send my water/sewer bill via email for the account listed below.
  • It is my responsibility to ensure that my bills are paid by the due date even if an ebill is not received.
  • I will receive an email to verify my email address and I will verify my email address via that email. An ebill cannot be sent until the email address is verified.
  • I will continue to receive my bills via email unless I notify the LTMUA otherwise in writing.
  • It is my responsibility to notify the LTMUA of any changes.
  • Failure to provide accurate information or to update my information does not exempt me from my responsibility of making payments.
  • I will receive future bills via email with an invoice attached.
  • LTMUA does not send spam, advertisements or sell any information to 3rd party firms.
  • Delinquent bills accrue interest of 18% per annum.
  • Delinquent bills will be subject to collection measures up to and including termination of service and collection at the municipal tax sale.
  • An ebill will not be sent unless this form is filled out in its entirety.
Please add the following email address to your approved list: [email protected]
Account balances and the online payment portal can be found at LakewoodMUA.com
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